Deteriorating quality control?


My intention is not to claim warranty, this is more like a feedback/discussion. I bought a total of 12 devices over the period of past 6~7 months and recently I received couple of faulty ones(one 2 node and 1 single node to be precise), earlier ones were really good. Now, I am not in a position to claim warranty on them because I have already cut them open and flashed esphome/tinkered with it.

The issue I see is leaking AC voltage over the isolated parts of the PCB. (Approximately 50 ~70 volts), then the esp8266 rebooting constantly. Initially I thought it would be because of the esp chip itself, so I took a brand new esp8266, flashed it and tested it for sometime and replaced the stock chip with a new one. no luck(that is also rebooting constantly), then replaced power supply with a hi-link one, so its not the power supply (same leak present),I would like to tinker with it further but I do not have enough time to do that now.

The point of this post is to have some basic quality checks done before dispatching from your production setup. at-least some basic checks like voltage leaks etc. I also observe shoddy solder jobs these days. Guys please please be strict on quality checks.

All of my devices are on esphome. (nothing against the tinxy stock firmware, I already have good infra on homeassistant with 60+ devices and would like control everything locally).


There is nothing wrong with the device as per your description. Just create a continous PWM singal on GPIO14 on intitial boot.

This will fix the esp restart

Any tutorial on how to flash custom firmware on these devices??

@b6e7i9 please reply.