Why you have mentioned the Hardware of tinxy is made in India ? Even though it is not made in India

For context, the fuse holder you use in your geyser smart node is from china, and the power supply module which has a transformer and 2 capacitors is from china too. So why you have mentioned on your website homepage that your hardware is Indian. I am very sure the 99 percent of components used in the devices are made in china except for the PCB and relay from leone which is probably made in India. Esp and other chips used are from china too

So by hardware do you mean only PCB ?

Do you have any possible explanation for this?

Well , anything assembled in Indoa too is also Made in India. Leone is a Indian brand but these relays are also made in china. We know only a resistor manufacturer who makes in India . Except that every other component is not produced in India. Even if it does they are 2x the price.

Anything manufactured in India doesn’t mean all the parts are also made in India .

The big elephant in the room, ESP chips are only ma ufactured in China. None of the semiconductor chips are made in India.

We have deaigned , assembled , programmed the product in india which very few companies can do. As you can see from the comparision chart on our website.

Well, your chart says Hardware is Indian. You could have worded it better and said designed and assembled in India. Because saying that hardware is Indian implies a different Meaning.

Are the Pcb’s made in India or not?

Well good luck finding a Indian hardware then. Good luck

Lmao, you are not understanding my point. I am saying why you mentioned your hardware is Indian on the website ? Even if you agree hardware is not Indian.

I don’t care if it is an Indian product or not but why you are misleading your customers

If you were born in China , and then your parents would have flown you to india the next day , would you call yourself chinese or India ???

Would you consider your place of birth as your origin country or would you consider youself Indian because you were raised by Indian parents, in India with Indian culture ?

I think I know the answer. So it depends on what you would like to call yourself. Chinese / Indian

A brand is Indian , when its run by Indian people and for Indian people. Hardware is just 20% of the work you see what you dont see is the infrastructure that make hardware work. Anybody can copy the hardware but very hard to build a product which people love .

Super super easy to just import tbe entire product , register a brand and start seling by saying its Indian. Thats misleading

Apple is American brand , no matter where the stupid, labourious , repetitive work of manufacturing it happens or where parts come from. Its the design and eco system what makes it American.

Hope this clearifies. Even now if you dont agree, we dont really care. What we really care is building great products.

@mohit I do respect the hard work your team and company do and it is very great as you are one of the top brands in India in the smart home market.

I know the product is Indian and the company is Indian. You designed the PCB in India and assemble components in India. Only thing i am saying is that you are an Indian company and make great products but saying your hardware is Indian is wrong as components are made in china

I totally agree with what you are saying @qape but the phrase they used is ‘made in India’ which includes all products which might have been just ASSEMBLED in India.

Many smartphone manufacturers label their products as made in India which means that they are just ASSEMBLED in India while all the components may be imported.

If the product is labelled as ‘manufactured in India’ then it indicates that majority of the components and manufacturing has taken place in India.

@mohit pretty rude to say that ‘we don’t really care’ to a customer when he is pointing out some issue with your “GREAT” product.

This forum is for the Tinxy community and by the community only. If anyone expects to be treated as customer here , then they are mistaken This is not a customer forum where they can register complaints. For that we have customer care .

Here is a challenge for anyone who has the same opinion. Find a electronic product that has only 10% or more components manufactured from India.

We created Tinxy and we are Indian.

Who comprises the community I wonder? :roll_eyes:


Many are made in India. But yes in cheaper products catagory is only chinna made.

But u know sonoff is much much better and rich quality product than tinxy.

Did you check the components used in this 5G system ? May be its just “assembled” like Tinxy ?

I dont disagree. Chinese now build great products

Yeah Makes sense @Skull_Hacker . This whole made-in-India thing is just a marketing thing to attract customers.

@mohit says this is not a place for customers. I wonder who will come on this forum with random people or their customers?

Of course this forum is for Tinxy customers , otherwise why would you be here. What I meant is no one should expect to be treated as customers.

Now for the reason for this forum is pretty obvious by the kind of topics you see here

Here is an example

By the customers and for the customer. I am here to help out the community by being part of it

Again - if you have issues with product our customer care is the right place. Imagine someone posting here for help " my device is not pairing please help ?"
How do you expect us to resolve this customer question here ? Its just way easier to call and get it resolved immediately .

Our component sourcing is 100% chinese . No body thanked me for being honest here. Anyone can have any opinion on where its made .

We do not use the make in India logo which requires a certain sourcing locally which is not possible as mentioned earlier.