16A single node Abruptly switches ON

Facing this issue with four of the 16Amp single node switches (3 @Location-A & 1 @ Location-B)
These switches get switched on randomly in the night or early morning (time not sure) and not everyday… Some random days

This problem started after upgrading to v6.9.

Still remains unsolved…

Latest finding…
2 options (disable manual switch, restore state on power) missing in all of these misbehaving switches
Also these are not allowing sharing. (As if they are already hacked by someone.

Sharing links are inactive

Only device admin have share and disable switch option. As per the shared information it looks like your account is not admin. Please make sure you are an admin.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Turn on disable switch option then check it will creation same problem or not
  2. check logs when it turn off itself (is it showing manual switch or its not consider)
  3. your physical switch position should be off

With the above steps you switch will be disabled . If the switch still turn on automatically please provide feedback on our customer support number (9319513343) . Power fluctuations can cause automatic on .