2-node switch blinking every 5 second

Is there some place where it’s documented what the different internal of blinking green LED means?

My switch was working fine and suddenly it started blinking every 5 seconds
In the app I can see the offline and hotspot icons but it can’t even controlled from the app.

Open questions:

  1. What does 5 second blinking means?
  2. Why the switch can’t be controlled from app even though it shows the hotspot icon? It was advertised that the devices work even when are offline but connected to router
  3. How do I reset the switch without having to open the whole electrical board again?
  1. It means , the device is unable to connect to our servers. It could be internet , firewall or our servers are down. Servers doesn’t go down as offen

  2. It should work if you get a hotspot icon. Please call CS

  3. You never need to reset it. Most people feel testing will solve their problems but should not until advised by our CS