6 channel relay behaving weirdly after I shifted it from one room to another

Hi…My six channel relay in first floor worked flawlessly for more than two years. Today I shifted it to my kitchen in the ground floor. We have done the pairing and all that we were able to switch on and switch off everything.

So far so good

But after the initial success…I see that the power on and off is not working or working after 30-60 second delay. Is this due to any kind of wiring problem or is due to issues with wifi signal or any other issue please?

We have tried to reset it multiple times after deleting it in the app and this process is flawless. But only when we turn it off and on that I see this very long delay or sometimes it just doesnt work at all.

When it was in the first floor, the router was within ten feet. But now there is one floor difference and also distance is around 30 feet lets say. Hence wanted to confirm if its purely due to wifi issues. If so I can buy another router or some such equipment and have it closer to the tinxy. But if its wiring…I can ask my electrician to redo the whole wiring once again…THx

You need to make sure the wifi is on the same floor. Wifi’s range is not good enough to cover multiple floors considering the Tinxy module is inside a metal box and closed from 3 side , unlike your mobile phone. So the Tinxy module can they enough wifi signals for it to work properly. Make sure to use a wifi extender and place it on the same floor

Yeah…will try that. Although I dont have the same issue with Smarteefi or Sonoff. Maybe your next version should have a better wifi receiver.

Well if you open both these modules you mentioned you will find the same exact WIFI microcontroller. Only one company in the world makes affordable microcontrollers. Espressif Systems.

Also check if you have installed it correctly. the WIFI IC should face outwards. Keeping a WIFI product within metal walls (gang box) suppresses its range.

Ok will check. Not sure what side is facing the wall…how to check which part is the Wifi IC?

Currently its within a HIFI brand plastic box.

Will google and check how to find the wifi IC. I dont mind keeping it outside the box as well…Just that its in the kitchen and hence not sure if it will get affected by smoke and other pollutants while cooking

Anyways planning to buy another router which should solve the issue

Thx for all ur responses

There is a sticker on all nodes “This side should face the wall” .

Keeping outside is best but not necessary.