6-node device has started losing configuration overnight

I’ve been using the 6-node smart switch for more than 9 months now as a garden lights and fountain controller. It has been working quite well except recently it’s started losing its configuration overnight.

The green light is blinking per second, so looks like it cannot connect.
The first mode of configuration, of course, fails with this.
I put it in AP mode and reconfigure, it starts working well again, except next morning it goes back to the unconfigured state.

On raising this with your customer support over WhatsApp, they tell me that it’s too far from the AP. The supported range is only 5M. Hence I need to install an AP or router next to wherever I install this switch? Next room is not supported and outdoors is a no-no !!!

OF course, last year I started migrating away from SonOff, Tinxy being Indian and all that (of course also more cost effective). All the SonOffs work well, and my other Tinxys (including another one in the same garden works as well). However, customer support seems to be indicating I need to move back to SonOff.

May I get some clarification? I’ve not found Tinxy deficient from SonOff in any regards except for the comment from Customer support.

Hi Deepak , we have been working on a solution for few weeks now. We should have a solution soon. This kind of issue happens sporadically. So that is why hard to debug.

But we do have a direction. Will keep you posted.

It happens easily here. Every night. So if you need some support to be able to debug - I’ll be happy to help.

Mr. Deepak, is your problem resolved. We updated your device with the latest firmware.

Unfortunately not.

It lasted two nights, but unreachable again in the morning. The LED was slow flashing, so easier to reconnect this time. It comes up in AP mode by default.

However, now after entering the port names, the box goes back into slow flashing mode and does not connect to the Internet.

I’ve put a snap of the situation on the support WhatsApp.

The board seems now not to be recoverable. I’ve tried 3 times.

I haven’t pressed the reset button yet. If that can make a change, I can try that tomorrow.

Finally the device is replaced and the new device is working great.
Thanks a lot to Mohit for his support.