6 node switch offline and status led off

I bought the tinxy 6 node unit on 17/8 from Amazon and installed it myself on 19/8.

The unit is placed outside my switch board as the place inside the board was cramped.

Worked perfectly till 22/8 afternoon after which the unit shows as offline , I cannot control any switch and the green status led on the unit is totally off.

The wifi router is on, and other remote devices like cctv etc connected to the router is working without issues.

Please help as I am out of town and the very purpose of installing the smart switch is jeopardized.

Edit: all the switches can be turned on / off manually without any issue and they work fine.

Is the problem still there ?

Checked just now and it has been resolved. Thanks.
May I know what the issue was?

Server issue. Our hosting provider are responsible.

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