6 node Tinxy is shared with another user but its shows offline for him

Hi , My 6 node Tinxy is showing wifi online for me, but when i shared it to my brother, but he could see only the device showing as offline mode only, i made him Admin also, still device is not showing online for him.
What i should do now.
Please help

Please email me your details to mohit@tinxy in

Your Tinxy login number and your brother’s

Hello Mohit, Thanks for your email, I found in one of this forum chats that the 6 node Tinxy Device should be fully configured to be registered like Name for each node, then only it could be shared, hence the Device was deleted on my end as Admin as well as my Brother end of the apps. Then the Tinxy 6 node was reset, again wifi credentials were given, and node type , name were given as unique names. Subsequent sharing was given to my brother, the issue of showing offline was found resolved. Hence the issue have been resolved. Thanks, TKI