API Documentation


I could get the API token generated from the App, however, I’m unable to find any documentation for the same. Would it be possible for someone to redirect me to the Documentation for the API?

also, the documentation link in the App just redirects to the Tinxy.in home page.

Check here for Postman collection Tinxy_Open_APIs · GitHub

Download the file and import in postman

How to control Device with 2 relays?

This is half-cooked information. required following information.

  1. How to manage the 4 node / 6 node & 4 node with Fan ?
  2. How to turn off the device from API ?
  3. Device ID & device No param passing to API ?
  4. How to use this API from the only browser simple HTTPS call ?
    Request Tinxy team to share the full information. No point in hiding the information

There is some problem with your API… i have 2 type of your Smart Switches 2 Device for 1 Node and 1 for 2 node… 2 node device is wokring fine with the API… but one Node Device is not switching the status from API… need your help… to solve the issue…

New API documentation (In progress)