Best way to wire tinxy single node on a 2-way switch setup?


What I have in front of me is a typical 2-way switch–>light setup. What would be the recommended way to wire a single node tinxy into this? I mean, without disrupting the existing “physical” switches on the wall. I would like to get status of the switch too (just like regular tinxy single switch installations). I know I cannot get status of both of them, but if one of them is switched on/off.

My initial thought is that I have to install it at the end where the actual load goes to bulb.

btw, I am not an electrician but willing get my hands dirty. :grinning:

if someone can share a drawing for this setup, it would help a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

never mind, I figured it out myself.


can you let me know how you did it?


Sorry I didn’t see your question. It was rather simple, I installed tinxy single node at the end where power is handled towards the light.