Control in Offline mode

I have observed that the node is not functional if an internet connection is not available.
I understand that the MQTT server is required for it to work. is there an option to add a HUB so devices can be controlled offline as well as online?

Also, HA configuration can be done and I can use HA hosted on a Pi to control it offline. But does Tinxy offer a HUB module for this purpose

You can control our devices offline too. Just take out the internet wire from your router , keep it ON. You will notice crossed wifi icon and another offline icon would appear . This would allow you to control devices without internet.

HA integration currently supports online integration only.

Thanks for responding.

I tried it and there seems to be some issue with the iOS version of the app that is not allowing for offline control whereas for android it works as you rightly said.
Please let me know if you need any further details to resolve this.

Android: it shows offline mode icon and functions as expected.

Hello @ruturaj We have released a new update for iPhone yesterday. Please allow up to 7 days for the updates to appear. This update should solve the offline problem.