Delay value in action

Hi, I am using 16A Node to setup a scene. I would like to Switch the Device On, Delay 4 seconds and then Switch Off. However the lowest value I have in the Time value is 1 minute that is 00:01. Can we the option to include the seconds value here? I know there could be cloud related delays however for local scene this should not be an issue. I am able to simulate the 4 seconds delay with my local relays and esp8266 mcu which I built for testing. This seconds delay will enable Tinxy devices for other use cases as well. Can someone from Tinxy have a look at this and provide this feature?

This feature would be an overkill. Please share use cases ?

Hi Mohit, Thanks for responding back. I would like to use Tinxy as a push switch in stead of normal switch. I can create it via scene at the moment but the delay is 1 minute which is preventing me from doing this. I have tested similar one using esp8266 with 4 seconds delay in my lab(not using Tinxy), it’s working fine, I can simulate a push switch. Having this on Tinxy will help customers like me and use cases of push switches are so many.