Device not getting switched off as per scheduled time after load shedding

Hello Tinxy,

I have just noticed today that there was a load shedding at my house and when the power came back after the scheduled off time of my device , the device didn’t got scheduled off automatically.
I had to turn it off manually.

If possible kindly check the schedule off time once when power is restored after load shedding.

Hi @Sanket9241
We have just released v7.4 for single node to fix this situation. Can you share your phone number/ issue to . I will ask my team to update your device.

Hello Mohit
We have shared our device to mobile number 9319513343 . Please update the version to 7.4

Please call them directly.

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Hello Mohit
The problem with 1 node device is now solved and we have tested also.

I have all types of node device, request you to update 7.4 in all nodes device.

Thanking you in advance

Done, please call CS. We have released a beta firmware for all of our devices

Hello Mohit,

Thanks for getting this done so promptly.

I just came access another situation right now.

I manually turned on my device via app and scheduled power off for a particular timing. Then I did load shedding and when power restored the device did not got off automatically. Even then restore notification was missing from the tinxy app when I gave back power.

I tested the same situation vice versa. I set scheduled on for a particular timing and before that timing i did load shedding and gave back power after the scheduled on time already passed. Upon giving power back the device did not got turned on automatically as per schedule.

As per my understanding the recent change made by your team is only working when there is both schedule on and off set in app.

For only schedule off / on the situation is not working.

Can you kindly see if this can also be rectified/fixed from your end.

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We just tested the following scenario and they are working fine.

  1. Pair a new device
  2. Add a off schedule for 5 pm.
  3. Turn on from APP
  4. Remove power @ 4:50 pm
  5. Power the device @ 5:10 pm
  6. Restore state would turn ON the device as expected.
  7. Schedule (missed) @ 5pm will be run whenever the device gets access to the internet. You should see “Missed” in activity log and notification also (if enabled)