Device not remember last state

Device powered on by manual switch and off by tinxy app/google home but when power goes and comes back instead of remembering last state i. e. Off it start the device. So every time we have ensure manual switch is off but that makes home automation not complete. Please see if this can be fixed

Hi , this is odd behaviour. Not a bug. Please call customer care.

We have upgraded our firmware to 4.9. Please update to the latest firmware. It has the option of ‘Restore state on power’.

Upgraded firmware to 4.9 but couldn’t see option restore last state. Please suggest where to find it.

Did you update the app as well ?

Thanks, after app upgrade I can see the option. Putting it on test and lets see what results we get.

I’m still facing the same issue even after upgrading firmware version to 5 and enabling option to “remember last state” in the application. Any possible solution here ?

Please call customer care