DIMMERS not available?

I dont see dimmers in the marketplace. That’s one thing that is very very much needed in the world of automation. Any plans to bring dimmers to control the brightness of lights
BTW greater product


where would you like to you use dimmers ?

My Home Theater sir. With small led lights that are installed on my false ceiling.

To add to the reply … will like to integrate it with KODI so that when the movie starts lights are switched off and when paused lights are dimmed. or maybe simply via Alexa, like Alexa dim lights to 50%. This common actually

and thanks for the fast response.

LED light brightness cannot be changed using external dimmer. Only florescent and incandescent kind of lights can be used with a triac dimmer.

Most people use LED lights. That is why we don’t have a dimmer.

no my HT has has tungsten lights

also LED lights can also be dimmer with special drivers …

Very few people need dimmers. So we don’t plan to launch soon.

Please share buy links so we can check it out ? I don’t think it’s possible. With dimmable led it might be possible. In india not sure if they are available at reasonable prices

You can use cheap (20-30 rs) incadensent lights as dimmer using Tinxy 4ch Fan regulator module. Only caveat is that you will be restricted to only 3 levels of dimming and alexa recognizes that swtich as fan entity.

I am repurposing this module for my bedroom lamp and it is working great.


Yea I tried that works ok on both incadensent and tungsten light and you are right it only gives 3,4 levels of dimming. Guess I have to live with that … my HT has both tungston and LED lights … but mainly wanted to dim led. anyway. hope they come up soon with led dimmers as well … :slight_smile: n thanks for the reply