Door lock DIY questions


i am looking to do DIY door lock because the one sold on amazon (smart wifi door lock) or the website is too expensive to be honest. this looks to me too much markup for a simple relay + esp8266.

Now, i do not want to build my own from scratch ( i will do it if tinxy doesnt have a cheaper alternative) but searching the website, i found two products which are confusing

could i manually add an esp to the relay and trigger the relay without using remotes?

second, if not this then what is the official tinxy policy around home assistant? i want to buy a switch or a lock or whatever but do not want to use the official app/account whatever. i need full offline control (many devices work offline but then have that api key that gets reset every often and needs developer api from website and all that nonsense)

The above two are remote controllers for lock . You can do whatever you want with these.
They only work with remote.

agreed i meant to say like i was thinking if i could manually trigger the lock/unlock

You can manual unlock the door using the above two controllers also. Call CS.