Firewall ports requirements for smart switches

Hi, I am using multiple Tinxy Smart switches with 6 and 16A for my home automation. So far the performance is really good. The OTA updates we get are updating as well. At present, I am putting my IOT network behind firewall for security reasons. At present I am allowing the entire subnet to public network without any port/protocol blocks. I am bit skeptical to keep this way due to obvious reasons. Can you share the protocol and ports that I have to allow in my firewall so I can modify firewall rules accordingly? Thanks in advance.

Tinxy modules need to connect to 1883 port on our servers. That’s all required for an outbound connection.

Tinxy mobile app requires 1884, 80, 443 port to connect to our servers

Thanks for replying back. I am using Tinxy smart switches at my home behind pfsense NG2100. I have managed to restrict Alexa and other devices with limited set of ports open. Allowing Tinxy devices based on their MAC and IP addresses added to Aliases. Is there a document or link that you can share so I can find those ports as well, used by Tinxy app. It will be helpful for myself and others as well. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Mohit for sharing the app related port details as well. This will help me to allow only those ports outside. :+1: