Good News for Tinxy Schedule users

We are so excited to share that we discovered today that schedule is working even when the internet is down. Even we switched off the router switch and there was no hotspot symbol in the tinxy app for my devices still the schedules were working.

We tried 2 schedules for the same device and both time it worked without internet and no hotspot.

You guys can also check the same scenario with your devices if this case works with you all also.

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Thanks Sanket for sharing your experience. Recently one of my friend installed Tinxy devices to automate his compound wall lamps On at the evenings and switch them off at late evenings. He had similar requirement. So we also figured this out. Just be aware, the schedule has to be put on the device itself not created using the scenes available in the app. In case of scenes, it may be operated by their cloud, whereas the device based schedule is pushed at the hardware level.