How do I map the name of a Device / Node on the Tinxy app to the device name appearing on my Router

Currently in the App - the MAC address or the IP Address of the node is not shown. Ideally this should be a feature in the APP.

On my router the nodes appear as ESP_XXXXXX , with XX… being the last 6 hex digits of the MAC address. I want to re name this on my router to the device name maintained in the app.

For this to happen , I need to map either the MAC address or the IP address of the node to the device name created in the app. I have the serial numbers available with me.

How do I map this ? Incidentally I noticed that if I convert the last 6 hex digits of the ESP ID to decimal , It matches the serial number. Am I on the right track OR is there some other way to do this ?

The serial number is provided by ESP itself. So if its matching with MAC address great. We won’t be able to change the firmware to accommodate your request. Any feature request should be backed by a substantial number of our existing users to be worth our effort . hope you understand.

Thanks , yes the Hex mapping to decimal with the serial number worked.

All reputed manufacturers like Wipro , Syska , Philips , Oakter , Broadlink etc provide a Device information menu in their app that provides either the Mac address and sometimes the IP as well. I donot think it is very difficult or time consuming to implement in your feature set. It is a great handy tool to quickly match with names appearing on a router if you have too many of these in your homes. Adding this will possibly add more value to your devices and you will have at least one satisfied customer , if that matters to you !

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Plus one for this feature request to be supported by Tinxy end.
To Roy:
At present how I am managing this issue is via the DHCP IP allocation based on the MAC address of the device and assign the name you want to call that. You have to connect one device at a time to power, find the MAC → Assign the IP address to the MAC, Name the device, go to the 2nd device and so on. I have close to 15+ Tinxy devices and I had to do this hard way only.
BTW Thanks for sharing the last 6 digit to MAC address notation. That is very useful.