How to find the WiFi network the Tinxy devices is connected to?

Hi, Is there a way to find out which WiFi network the Tinxy switch/device is currently connected to? I have more than one WiFi network in my place. I am unable to find the above from any of the settings or logs of that device. Can someone help?


The wifi is connected to the one from which pairing is done while setting up the tinxy device.

But still if you want to know the exact wifi from which the connection is done use mesh technology. I am already using mesh technology and we can see that which device the tinxy app is connected with.

This is scheduled to be added to the app. Can will be able to see IP address, Wifi name , MAC etc on the app itself

Thanks Mohit. Getting those additional information will be really helpful.

I got you. However I am using multi SSID WAPs at my place keeping IOT on separate WiFi network, not sure the mesh will be supporting this feature. Since I have 2 WAPs covering various devices, at times I am not sure which WAP I have connected my device to. At the back, the same DHCP server is serving both WAPs, I can’t find out via which WAP the device is connecting.