How to use tinxy account on multiple devices

I have been using tinxy devices in my room for more than a year now without any issue, recently I upgraded all the rooms of my home with tinxy devices.

Problem is that I registered all the tinxy switches on the same Tinxy account/email and I am unable to use the tinxy app on multiple devices of my family members with same login.

If I login on my wife’s phone on tinxy app, I get logged out.

I want all my family members to control the switches with tinxy app, Kindly help.IMG-20211123-WA0002


this is a safety feature. If you loose your phone you can easily login from a different one.
You can always create another Tinxy account and share your devices with it.

is it possible to have same switch in two different accounts!?

yes of course. There is a share option.

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Got it, Never noticed that button :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

After the Rooms update. Whenever I try to share the room with another account, the Room does not show on the other account.