If I am going on vacation outside the country, will the light switches still work as expected?

Hi all, I will be going on a vacation soon outside the country where the tinxy switches are configured. I am worried about the switches schedule getting affected by the time in case it uses the device time when I am travelling. Can someone please clarify this for me?

Yes they would work. Do keep the manual switches in the office state in case of power fluctuations

Hi , just to bring to your notice. Not sure anyone reported it or not. I went to another country which had a different timezone than India. So my mobile phone automatically switched to the local timezone of that country. And I use a Tinxy Switch device to turn ON my motor on 0600 IST, since I was in different timezone which was ahead of India. My Tinxy Switch (motor) started around 0500IST (because the local time was 0600 in my mobile in that country). Not sure there will be any fix from the team, but as a work around I used to sleep with my internet OFF.