Integration with Homebridge - HOOBS

I’m looking to integrate the switches with homebridge so I can use it with Apple HomeKit.
I believe it’s not possible right now, any chance of getting a plug-in in the near future?
All my smart devices are connected via homebridge except Tinxy.
Any help would be appreciated.


We do not plan to integrate this in the immediate future. May be later in the year.

Reason for delay - not enough demand from customers.

If any programmer / coder is interested in helping us integrating with Homebridge, we can provide all backend support and offer Rs. 10k worth of Tinxy products as remuneration. Just to say thank you.

Thanks Mohit for the prompt response.
Looking forward to the integration, hopefully by year end.
As a leading smart home device manufacturer in India, having the integration would be a big USP.
I’m sure there will be a lot of people interested in connecting with HomeKit but haven’t found the right forum to voice their need.

Eagerly waiting for homebridge support


I have a lot of Tinxy devices & i was looking for the homebridge support. I have HOOBS installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 and my other smart devices work fine with it. I’d request you to add support for Homebridge.

Hello users or Tinxy team any update for homebridge support