Issues with scene deleting/ modifying

I have created a test scene to turn off light after 2 mins post switching it ON.

Post testing, I have deleted scene but unfortunately, light still remember the scene setting and turn off light after 2 min. automatically.

Any workaround to this?

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Sorry for the trouble. We will be releasing a new firmware update v6.5 today . Please get in touch with customer service.

I’m facing this problem with firmware WIFI_SWITCH_V2 v6.5

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I am also facing the same issue. I don’t think Tinxy representative is taking this issue seriously.

Post upgrading to 6.5 version my timer related issue is solved. I mean I can modify the time in the scene and it works perfect.
However minor problem is still there.
For example, If I set to turn off the light after 1 hour, the scene makes it off after 1 hour- It works ok. But if I turn off light after 45 mins manually (by App or Manual switch), then scene should not look at the smart device is ON or OFF. The scene will still triggers after remaining 15 mins. The scene should work only if smart device is ON.

My all devices are firmware version 5.2 and there is no firmware update option available for me, please suggest how to get it updated.

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Which device do you use ?