It goes offline and don't reset

The device goes offline on its own and don’t reset.

This is not enough information to help you out.
When device comes online , what is wifi strength on the app for that device? out of 5 ?
Don’t reset ?

Please call customer care.

This happens with me as well!
when ordered alexa
‘Turn On Dimm Light’

The alexa gets stuck on the command
and when checked in tinxy app it shows device offline

Switch turns on automatically after power failure

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Same is happening with me. Device switches on, wifi strength is full. After 15-20 mins device automatically goes offline. Have reset the device also, but the problem reappears.
Firmware 5.3

If your devices goes offline here are the troubleshooting steps

Power down the device using your MCB . Then power up . If it comes back online then the problem is with the power. If the voltage in your house fluctuates even for a microsecond , this could hang the WIFI module inside the device. We have even solved with our newer models .

Try this solution a few times to make sure this work or doesn’t work. Wifi module can hang twice a day or it can hang in 6 months , it all depends on your power supply from the grid.

You should never ever reset the device. We don’t expect that from you. Unless requested by Customer service. please do not reset.

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My device is offline in the app. But the green light is stable on the device. Even if the device is switched off an On back the light directly goes to green stable. Earlier it is to blink for few sec and than stable.

With new software update the problem is now resolved. No issues now.

Its a faulty device need to send it back. I sent it back today and had to pay 150₹ for courier

Paying 150 for shipping is better than visiting a service center, paying for petrol , wasting time and then visiting center again for pickup. 150 is a pretty good deal if you ask me.