Late Notifications

Notifications from Tinxy app are coming after unlocking my phone, whereas notifications for other applications are coming in the screen when the phone is locked.

The same issue was with one more application but after contacting them they resolved the issue.

My phone model - One plus 9R

Please record a video and share with us here.

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Hello Mohit
Tinxy forum isn’t allowing to post or share video.
I am sending you via WhatsApp.

Hello Mohit

The issue is still there in the phone.

We have tried in three different phones and the same issue is there with all the phones.

The notification are coming after unlocking the phone. We are switching the devices manually ( via switch)and not getting the notifications instantly in mobile phone.but after unlocking the mobile we are getting the notifications instantly.

Please look into the matter as I have shared the video in WhatsApp as per your request.

Even I have spoke to your representative in IVR but they are not able to provide any solution.

Can you please screen record a video, share it on youtube and share link here ?

Hi Mohit

Please let me know why I need to upload the video to YouTube when I have directly shared it to your WhatsApp?

I think you have seen the video as well on WhatsApp. Please let me know if you faced any problem to understand the video over WhatsApp, I will share the video once again to you.

Please see the link below as requested

Thankyou for the video. We are looking into the issue. Please be patient.