Looking for Flashing instructions for a single fan controller


I have this single fan controller from Tinxy which I’m trying to flash Tasmota to. I’ve soldered on a 5-pin header. I couldn’t get the board to boot using the 3.3v power from my CH340 USB to UART adapter. So I powered it on with mains, connected ground of CH340 to 5-pins ground, Tx to Rx and Rx to Tx. I held the reset button(GPIO0 I’m presuming) and powered on the board from mains. I can see the green LED is dimly lit. I opened up a serial monitor with the Baud rate set to 74880. I could see the text: boot mode:(1,0) . But I’m unable to id it with esptool.py chip_id . Any leads would be appreciated.

please don’t connect mains and programmer at the same time, that’s a recipe for a disaster!