Need a way to toggle WiFi switch with 1s delay

I have integrated a node switch with an Atomberg fan.
So the fan has a function that reads the number of times the power was toggled to set rotation speed.

The toggles need to happen with a delay of 0.5-1s (min-max)
The scenes menu allows for a minimum of 1min of delay.

It would be amazing if I could write a local function to trigger the respective number of toggles.

try this workaround using Alexa routines

You can add DnD on /DnD off actions between switch on and switch off actions.

it generates approx 1 second delay.

Screenshot_20211116-223952_Amazon Alexa

You need to toggle 230v ? If yes then you could use an Arduino and write code such that whenever the gpio pin on Tinxy switch is high , toggle relay every 1sec.

Can you share documentation on atomberg fan and how it works ?