New Feature Request


  1. physical switch is in OFF position
  2. I turn on the light from mobile app
  3. light turns on
  4. I press the physical switch - but light does not turn OFF.

I have to press the physical switch again to turn off the light

it would be better if pressing the physical switch just reverses the state of the light.

if possible please enable this in future firmware update asap. :pray: :pray:

This is what we had when we started. But people want it to work naturally. Turning on should be ON and vica versa. . this was done intentionally after feedback from a lot of customers.

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Is it possible for you to enable this as an option in the settings where we can choose it as we like ??
or can you push a firmware update just for me (mobile no. used for registration on app - 9822126939) pls :pray: :pray:

Sorry not possible.