Not operating with Alexa commands

Tinxy switches are not working with Alexa commands from 17.09.2023 morning.The switch can operate with Tinxy mobile app. But not working with Alexa. The Alexa mobile app gives the status of each switches.

Contacted Alexa customer team. They told that all the Tinxy customers are facing this issue from 17.09.2023. The also advised to contact Tinxy team. But the are not available.

The Tinxy customer are not available on Sundays. This makes me more uncomfortable.

We have 2 nos of one node , 2 nos of two node switch, 1 no of 4 node switches. In that only one switch (1 node) can operate with Alexa today.

Issue has been resolved now. Please check

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Thank you. I will check it later .

I am also facing similar issue. I thought something is wrong at my side, tried to disable and enable the tinxy skills multiple times on Alexa. Now I am finding I am not alone. This issue is still there. I tried restarting the Alexa devices as well but still the integrations is not working.

Just switch off main switch of your home and switch on the same after 2 minutes . The devices will function as normal.

Thanks for the suggestion. Since all the Tinxy devices are working fine from Tinxy android app, I thought of not rebooting. I will reboot the Tinxy devices by power cycling, I will keep posted here.

You should reboot your Tinxy device, Router and Alexa devices at same time.

Thanks for the suggestion. All working now. :+1:

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