Problem in Schedule Mode

When there is any schedule saved for a nord, after powercut the device is turning on automatically on power restore. But for same device when schedule was deleted then the issue of automatically turning on after power restore is not occurring.

As per my observation the issue is always with the device which is having scheduled timer set and the pattern of abnormalities is not always same. Please find my observation below

  1. During Schedule Timer - Sometimes on restore of power the the light is not automatically turning on and sometimes working fine ( turning on).

  2. During Out of schedule time( for Nord which are scheduled )- On restore of power the lights which are having scheduled timer is automatically turning on with no notification and no activity log .

  3. For Nord which are not schedule - They are working normally.

Kindly look into the matter.

Hi @Sanket please look out for the v7.0 update , should be available within a week I guess. This should solve this issue.