Reset tinxy without opening the switch box

I have changed my home router and tinxy is paired with my old router and I am not able to acess it since it’s offline is there a way I can get it into pairing mode without opening the entire switch board to press the physical button

Yes , you can create a hotspot from your phone with the old router SSID and password. This will bring the device online. Then use the change wifi option in the Tinxy app to change wifi.

There is never a need to reset the device.

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Gets stuck on connecting screen for over 2-3 mins and then gives an error : “Tinxy device is unable to connect to your router, please verify if the wifi name and password is correct. Also make sure you are connected to Tixy device WiFi. Then try again”

I have checked router name, password, phone connected via Tinxy Wifi. But nothing works.

Please note there is never a need to reset the device. Either device will have power or the fuse might have blown. If the manual switches work, that means device is working fine.

Did you call customer care ? 9319513343 ? Unless my team asks for a reset. there is never a need.

Same issue is happening with me

Mohit same is happening with me. None of my devices are being connected same error message

Use AP Method . Smart config method sometimes doesn’t work