Scene saved and deleted but still device remembers it

I have created a test scene to turn off light after 2 mins post switching it ON.

Post testing, I have deleted scene but unfortunately, light still remember the scene setting and turn off light after 2 min. automatically.

Device firmware is latest i.e. 9.4. Please suggest how to resolve it.


Did you get resolution to this. I am also facing the same issue

Facing the same issue…have tried everything, the device is not ready to forget the scene.

Connect with tinxy support, you need to share device with them. They will clear all old scenes from backend. There is a bug in the system it seems which they need to fix, I’m also waiting for resolution of this big since long time. Hope this helps.

Newer firmware fixes the issue, please call customer care

How to update firmware, I have 6.3
Wifi_2switch_V1 v6.3 and the area for update firmware is greyed out and unpressable , is there any other way to resolve this old scene issue unable to delete thing ?

Facing same issue, unable to find solution, I see people have been facing such issue since 2021 February

Did you try the above solution ?