Schedules and Scenes

I have installed a 4 node switch to control my garden lights. Created on off schedules to control lights.

I understand, with schedule we can execute one activity to control one load. Using scenes we can execute multiple activities and control multiple loads. Correct if I am wrong.

But what is the difference between scene and schedule in terms of execution, effect on internet available/not available status, whether activities stored locally in the module switch or in tinxy server and activities pushed at right time to the module for execution etc.

Good question

Schedules are saved on the device itself. But whenever you power the device, it connects to our servers and gets current time. Based on that it runs these schedules.

If you power cycle the module and power OFF the wifi , it will never know the time . So it won’t run the schedules.

In summary , schedules can run offline provided it had a chance to get the current time. Once it boots up, gets time , internet is no longer required to run schedules in offline mode.

Scenes completely run online , no internet no execution but whenever the internet or power is back it will run the scenes no matter when the device connects to our servers

Example: If power is down for 5 hours and scenes turns it ON and then OFF within that 5 hours. The device as it connects to our servers will turn ON and then OFF consecutively.

Thanks for the explanation.