Should be option of disable or enable manual switch with each device

should option to disable or enable menual switch with any device. You hide this option in 6 node. So please allow me to enable or disable this feature.

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Other than you nobody is asking for this feature. If a feature is not used by most of the users, its not worth the effort to build.

In all devices except 16amp device, you disable manually this feature. If enable this then we can enhance experience with different cases.

Hi @mohit/ @TINXYSUPPORT ,
We need disable option for manual switches. My 2.2 year old daughter toggling switches. So its very dangerous and risky.

I installed total 7 devices and 8 open sockets. So its very risky and we can handle very easily if you provide this option.

One more scenario, I have many open sockets. Some time other users (Unaware from tinxy) use hair dryer or other devices which taking more power. So that’s why we need disable option.

Suggestion:- Provide toggle (enable - disable) option when rename switches.

There are pros and cons for enabling this feature.

Pros - You will have entire ownership for the manual switch. Without your permission no one can use the manual mode.

Con - The drawback is that if by any reason the tinxy app malfunctions then you can’t operate the switch either manually on or off.

What’s your view on this @mohit !

I respected your thought.

If have option then disable open “female sockets” at least. Many times family member use heavy devices (" Heating Pad, Hair Dryer, Water Heater ") directly, else will disable for child safety purpose.

If malfunction started in app or in Tinxy devices then you can not predict. What will work or not.

Very very few customers ask for this option . So we haven’t implemented it.