Switch - Wifi Issues

Hi, I have recently got to test 1node switch to set up my smart home. Here are some problems I am having currently

  1. Recently there was issue in my Jio internet service and internet was not available. During that time switch also got disconnected and it does not get connected automatically after internet resumes. Have to open the switch board and reset the switch button to start connection from start. Attaching screenshot.

  2. Manual switch option is not working but have connected the switch as per instructions.

Did you call customer care ? 9319513343 ?
All the above issues are not common.

Hi Mohit,

I have stated this issue to the customer end through sending required video proofs. No resolution yet.

Here attaching the same to you.

Ths switch doesn’t support manual and has to be reconnected if internet/power goes down.

I have used AP method to pair. Smart pairing doesn’t support for me as it says wrong wifi credentials.

You can see the screenshot where switch if off but it’s not reflected in the app.

Got this switch way back July but started using for new home by last month and facing these issues.


is this resolved @Karthik ?

No it isn’t resolved yet. The customer care executive suggested to return back the switch for a replacement since it’s not working offline and needs to reset everytime if internet goes down.

It’s resolved and it’s was the best support I could get. Thanks team.