Sync Scenes in Google Home App

Synchronise Scenes Created in Tinxy App with Google Home.

I have a feature request
This option is available in all similar applications and rival platforms like wipro, wiz, smart life, etc
The smart scenes we create in developer app gets sync to google home so that we can trigger them through google home workday / all day routines alongwith other actions.

There’s no option of creating a shortcut of tap to perform scenes on desktop.
Tap to perform scenes / actions should be somehow available on desktop through a widget or simple shortcut so as the user doesn’t have to open the app everytime to launch a scene or action.

Kindly let me know if app developer plans to add these shortcuts / widget and enable synchronisation of scenes with Google Home.
It will also be nice to know if there’s a workaround for the same.

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We don’t have a timeline yet. But these are reasonable requests.

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Thanks for your reply

Wish to convey the same to the developer somehow, no hurry on timelines …