Tinxy Hub and Tinxy Bulbs

I am planning to buy Tinxy Bulbs which work with Tinxy Hub.

  1. Approximately what is the range/area covered by the hub ?

  2. Will I be able to integrate the hub along with bulbs to homeassistant using tinxy integration?

  3. Will i be able to change the brightness and do scheduling of the bulb using homeassistant automation?

Kindly reply

#1 Range varies by house . How big is it? How many walls between loads/ Hub. Similar how a WiFi router range is defined.

#2 I have no idea on HA, but I think you should be fine.

#3 Again this HA question. You should be.

#1 got your point.

#2 I hope it would work. Fingers crossed.

A. Does the bulb also support wam light ?

B. Does the bulb saves the state? I mean if the bulb was ON before a power cut. Will it tirn ON after the power comes back ?

C. Are you guys planning to launch a PIR motion sensor, Door sensor?

Very happy to see an Indian brand in IOT.

Kindly reply

A. You can order on our website and let CS know. We have warm light but on custom order.

B. Yes

C. It’s planned

Ok thank you for your reply

@mohit can you plz tell the height of the bulb?? I need to check will these bulbs fit in garden shades…

Kindly reply

PIR senor based bulb will be a hit. Will need an override to permanantly keep it on or off apart from working based on motion sensor.

This is on the cards. What do you think about EVA bulbs so far

The bulbs looks promising indeed. Only thing missing is the Homeassiasnt integration. If that is available. Wipro, syska and other smart bulbs would be a history…

I hope the eva integration is coming soon to Homeassiasnt

Also mohit if you could plz tell the lengthof the bulb. We are planning to buy the bulbs of our home. We are already using wipro, syska, hallonix smart bulbs but the lengthof these bulbs varies.

So plz reply back with length of the bulbs.

I remember the old Doordarshan bulb advertisements “poore ghar ke badal daalunga” only doordarshan generation would understand this

108 length / 51 diameter


Any update on Homeassistant EVA integration ?