Tinxy went offline and the green light doesnt blink

Hi , The green light doesnt blink anymore to reset the device , doesnt it mean … the device doesnt work for more than an year ?

Most likely it could be a blown fuse. Please call customer care. They can troubleshot with you.

I am also getting the same issue of device going and green light not blinking .
I had called customer care for it , they suggested to courier to their Delhi office .
Sending device to delhi , then waiting for it to get return seems to be tedious process .
Plz do let us known is there a way that we can change the check and change fuse ourself . Aasim Iqbal @9935100666 .

If you know how to solder , yes you can change the fuse. You would also need the fuse. Do you have it ? its not a regular fuse. Also we need to change the MOV as well. Even after that , something else might have blown inside the SMPS. You might also have to put back the yellow/ red sleeve somehow
I would recommend to just ship it.