Tinxy With Inverter

How can we do connection using the module supply on inverter and some node on electricity.

Can you elaborate what are you trying to achieve ?

I want the module to be supplied with inverter.
But one or two of the node should be on electricity supply. so when there is power outage the module is still available but those node will not be available to operate. This is the case when i have some switch on my button board on inverter and some on direct supply.
For example
i have 4 node module
Total 6 switches
2 have inverter
4 are on direct supply

i want my module to be available all the time with inverter supply. But the node connected through direct supply should work only on direct supply. Not through the module supply.

Hi @abhishekmodi

This is not possible with any of our nodes. You will have to install a single node separately to accomplish this.

You could hack it though by using your electronic skills.

I don’t think you will be able to operate in such a way since the 4 node one has only input . You could try using 2 x 2 Node modules for that.