Unable to Increase/Decrease FanSpeed via Google Home

I am using Tinxy 4 Node Smart WiFi Switch with Fan Regulators (Works with Alexa & Google) - Tinxy - Home of Smart Devices switch. I am able to control Fan Speed using Tinxy App, But Fan Controls are not available when using Google Home. Though google detected the device as Fan, Unable to find Speed Control.

When giving voice command to increase/decrease fan speed via Google Assistant, it says function is not supported by the Device. Fan On/Off is working fine & Also asking to set Fan Speed to Low/Medium/High is working. Also, UI for changing FanSpeed is not available.

That’s an inherent limitation of the Google Home APP UI . On Alexa , you can see a slider, but not in Google Home
On Google Home, say set the fan (name of the fan) speed to low/medium/high