Want To Acces The Open Or Close Door With My Own Kodular Built application

Hello Everyone
Actually I am the owner of a gym and I have build a app through Kodular so in that there is a button when the button click so I want that you product smart door should unlock the door through my apps when anyone click on the button the door should unlock not in your Tinxy application see actually we have created a server in which we have created all the user database so as the user membership is expired we don’t want to give them allow to open or close the door that’s why please help me

Please Reply me I Want The answer

Is there any one who will help me

Hello @akgteck this forum is for the tinxy community and by the tinxy community. We as a company do not provide custom modification / integration support . We can only make sure API’s are working fine. Hopefully someone on the forum would answer your question.
You can look up the API docs and get it to work.

Bhaiya I am a teenage and I don’t know much more about API etc so please help me

Google/ youtube is a very good source to learn.