Water Level Indicator

I am using tinxy 16 amp smart switch for my water tank motor. I have a schedule for turning the water motor on every day for 30 mins. It works well but it is not the ultimate solution as I have to occasionally turn the motor on/off depending on the usage of water. Can we have a product that can measure the water level in the tank and automatically trigger the smart switch to turn on/off depending on the water level? Such as an radar/ultrasonic water level sensor (Radar beeing an superior option https://youtu.be/QterBt_Ht6k?si=-_iuqlYJnAuQArdc . I have attached a video link to a similar product https://youtu.be/AQ72eQRNeVw
Moreover, We can add the following features to the application for it:

  1. Automatically trigger the switch ON/OFF on a certain level that the user likes such as 10%, 20%, 50% etc. (Can do it at any water level and not the level prefixed by the developer but the developer can add some prefixed suggestions for the help of the customer)
  2. Automatic Turn On and Off levels have to be specified by the user to use this product.
  3. These water level automation can have a time-based schedule such as The automation time can be set. eg. The water level automation should run between 6 AM - 11 PM, not at night so that sleep is not disturbed at night due to motor noise, and this time can be specified by the customer as per his/her comfort.
  4. Live water level monitoring with a graphical interface in the application.
  5. Apart from water level percentage the user could also set Danger level, Refill level, Overflow level, full level, etc. So that specific notifications can be triggered from the application if the customer does not want the automatic switch On/Off and wants it manual.
  6. The most important and the most complicated among all I think. The customer can buy 2 water level sensors, One for the tank to be refilled and One for the tank where the water has to be taken. eg. You have a big tank in the basement of the home where the water supply comes and you have one small tank on the roof of the house. You use the smart switch to turn the motor on and off to refill the roof tank from the basement tank. Now We have Ultrasonic/radar sensor attached to the roof tank for automation but what if our basement tank is empty, if the automation runs now then the motor will burn. So we add an ultrasonic sensor to the basement tank also and make the following automation:
    The Roof tank automation should only work when the base tank has a specific water level, if the base tank water level goes below a certain level the smart switch should automatically turn off and the roof tank automation should be also disabled, (This level can be set by the user and not the developer as it depends on house to house, but the developer can add some prefixed suggestions for the help of the customer).
    Moreover, we can have similar features for the basement tank as the roof tank eg. notifications of danger level or percentage of water level, etc.
    This could be the ultimate setup.

I am not sure about the ultrasonic based devices reliability in longer run. I am sure our favorite tinxy is not having any wired or wireless solution for this purpose as on date. Unless they come up with any option in future you may try to find devices with Same name as your post, there are so many vendors out there which I don’t want to mention in this forum. I am using carbon sensor based solution for my OHT and UGS. It’s very much reliable and working good. No dependencies on internet availability, etc. The UGS dry run protection is available in most of these products

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