What is use of Switch Delay?

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1- What is use of Switch Delay ?
2- If Switch Delay set as 500/3000 then what will happen when press switch button ?
3- Is this work with physical button or work with all cases like - if switch pressing from app, physical, scene, scedular
4- Why Switch delay option not available in 16Amp Device?

1.it is used to delay the appliance on timing.it is basically used to avoid spike startup of appliances when the power is restored.

  1. 1000 is the count for 1 second so for 500 it will be half second delay and for 3000 it will be 3 second delay.

3.it will work with physical as well as from the app.

  1. 16Amp is used for heavy appliances hence delay is not required.

As shared screenshot, not showing complete message.

You given prompt reply.

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The Switch Delay is basically a delay added to the manual switches . This delay is required so that whenever the power goes and comes back within milliseconds , the device should not turn on the load. To prevent this, a delay check if the manual switch is ON for the specified delay before turning ON/ OFF the load

16A also has a manual switch , so switch delay is required. with v7.0 firmware you can change switch delay

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In my 6 channel relay it is showing in percentages although at the bottom it says 2000 units recommended and all that…what percentage should I keep?

We have changed from units to Percentage. If your nodes doesn’t automatically turn ON/ OFF whenever there is power fluctuations. You can lower the delay . If it happens then keep on increasing the delay.