When can we expect IFTTT integration?

When can we expect tinxy to integrate with IFTTT??

It will help iOS users to control tinxy devices directly using Siri using webhooks as trigger in IFTTT and creating a shortcut for the same in the Shortcuts app in iOS.

Currently this is possible but not the easy way around. We have to make ifttt applet with webhooks as trigger, after that in the actions choose “alexa actions by mkzense integrations” as action. Then we have to link mkzense as skill in alexa app. This gives us triggers in alexa. In free plan of mkzense only 3 triggers are available. After this we have to set up a routine in alexa with mkzense trigger and action as light on or off. Two triggers are required to turn the light on and off both.

As you can hopefully understand that this is not a piece of cake and can be very confusing. Also going through so many services increases the lag and even fails sometimes as I have tried it.

So please integrate tinxy with IFTTT directly for our convenience.

any update on this? 15 days & counting…

We do not plan to integrate this in the immediate future. May be later in the year.

Reason for delay - not enough demand from customers.

If anyone is interested in helping us integrating with IFTTT, we can provide all backend support and offer Rs. 10k worth of Tinxy products as remuneration. Just to say thank you.

I was just exploring tinxy forum, I can contribute for IFTTT support. My order ID is 5974. Do add additional thing in cart required for above if any ( i will order later).
Can share any relevant links for above. ?

Sent you details via DM.

for direct IFTTT integration , tinxy api need to compatible with IFTTT protocol, basically IFTTT has set standard of response and request to connect between services.
Adding few new endpoint is solution to direct integration IFTTT.


instead of adding new shim app, you can add three new api endpoint for IFTTT, basically add new endpoints with IFTTT style response/request.
I believe there only three api call in present.

I’m almost there with the integration. Can you please tell me if we have oauth2? the same api token that can be fetched with login creds?