When power goes then scheduled failed

Hi I installed 1 node switch(Main Line) for main - line on off, 1 node switch(Powerboard) for running cooler rightnow and 6 node switch (Bedroom).

Now I created one scene that Cooler should off and bedroom fan on at 6:55 AM morning but
Unfortunately power goes off before 6:54 AM and came back around 6:57 AM.

When my eyes opened than i found that this above scheduled has failed.

  • Bedroom Fan did turn ON at 6:55 as I can see.
  • Powerboard did turn off as I can see.
  • You probably have another scene which triggered Powerboard ON.

When you use online Scenes and power comes back to any Tinxy device, the server sends all the delivery pending messages to the device. Even if it was offline/ power out for 48 hours, it will still get all pending messages.

You can also try this. Cut power to any of our switch, make sure load is off. now turn ON from the app. APP might popup a dialog asking you to agree to delayed execution. Then provide power, you will find that once the device connects to the internet, it will turn ON the load.

If possible assign any short number to scene when created from applications. So that if any scene will be execute then log data showing like

1- “Scene#1 has turned off the device”
2- “#1-Scene has turned on the device”

So end user understand better which scene was executed. Its self decided and correct it.

I will be execute same scenario and all scene off except cooler scene in evening today.

Hi @Mohit , its working fine.
When power come back then cooler started for almost 10 seconds only then off automatically.

Now if running for almost 10 seconds then no issue.

Thank You

Added to our list. We will inform you.

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