WiFi switch connection is not stable after upgrading firmware V2 v5.2

Wifi switch connected to my home wifi is not stable. Sometimes it works fine. Most of the time it shows no wifi signal even if I am getting full signal strength at the same location.

Same here. The connection fluctuates. My 2 modules hanged up

Whats the signal strength shown in the app ? How many bars ? Did you call customer care ?

The signal strength is fluctuating. I have a booster installed 5 ft away and the strength is 2 or else it says ‘unavailable’. Did contact the customer care who later installed the 5.2 on evry switch in the house and now all have the same issue.
The installation which I wasn’t able to do took a lot of time for the team.

Is your issue resolved ?

Missed replying. But your team connected and updated some of the devices. I requested to run them for a month before getting support on the other devices.
So far working fine.