Home Assistant Integration for Tinxy

Hi everyone ,

I have created an add-on (Integration) for Home assistant to work with Tinxy Smart Devices. It uses the REST API provided by the developers to control the devices. You can install using HACS by adding custom repository, more details are available in the readme file.

You can download it here https://github.com/arevindh/tinxy-hacs.

Note : The development is still under progress , only the switches are working now .


this api works on cloud is it possible to get tinxy connected locally via home assistant ?

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In future. Right now not possible

I have lot of expectations from seeing this discussions. Hope to see those updates soon. Want to run my entire house on Home assistant and currently tinxy is the only hope in the country. Need them soon please



Any update on this? If no when would be the rough date of it rolling out?

Me too waiting for the local API to become reality.

I’m also waiting for offline integration. I was able to retrieve userID and MQTT password with api. Is there any way we can use this and toggle switch state?

@itsmesid has all the information required to toggle offline . Please help him Siddu if possible.

Hi again :sweat_smile:,
Would greatly appreciate it if someone can provide the documentation for offline integration.

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Hi Mohit,

It would be of great help if you can share these details with wider audiance to help support community

I have created a package for anyone who wishes to use it.


  1. Changing state is not a simple API call, should be done with the help of the package provided.
  2. There is no local API to get the status of the device. (You could use the regular REST API for that )
  3. If the response is 200 then the state is changed else failed.
  4. I have a device that no longer responds to local API, no idea why that happened.

Sample code is available in

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I have tetsted the script and was able to successfully control all devices in my home through local API.

As the script is python based, it cannot be directly replicated in home assistant AFAIK.

Looking forward for actual addon or integration from community.

Ha integration itself uses Python3, Not easy for a beginner like me if anyone can help me with getting https://github.com/arevindh/tinxy-hacs to work asynchronously we can do something better.

Can you please detail me on how to use the above python script, what I am trying here is to use that with node red and trigger from HA .

Please let me know how to get the userid and passkey of mqtt

thankyou so much for this, I want to try this in node js (just for curiosity) anyway this will still work great with node red with some kind of triggering…will set up HA mqtt trigger to trigger the script.Will update as soon as I get the mqtt passkey :slight_smile:

AFAIK we cant directly connect to the MQTT server but you can use REST API .

I will use rest api, will use the py script provide by you . i will integrate it with node red and make a local MQTT topic to trigger from HA, because I need everything to be local in HA, can’t rely on internet connectivity for basic needs( although its up most of the time). I have tried the script, it runs great, all I need is to gather all the required things. Will try tomorrow and update here. ( Application is to automate home with keeping the tinxy firmware, I don’t want to flash custom firmware, will use the online functionality of tinxy and use local api for Home assistant.)

Did you check the REST API to list all devices? it does have the MQTT credentials.

yes I did, and I tested it , works perfectly fine, now I want to shift it all to node red/nodejs.